"So, How Does This Work?" 
is the most frequently-asked question at the Rosemont Tree Farm, and the answer is quite simple:  When you arrive here with your family and friends, everybody heads out into the tree farm in search of the perfect tree.  

Once you've made your selection (and, since we don't charge by the hour, take as long as you'd like), you can take one of our bow saws to cut down the tree yourself, load the tree into one of our carts to bring it back to the tree farm shed, put the tree through the netting so it's easier to get it into the house, load it into or onto your car, and then return to the shed to fix yourself a cup of hot chocolate in celebration of a harvest well-done.  

If, at any point in this process you find that you'd like some help, our tree farm staff will be ready to lend a hand (except for picking out the perfect tree and the hot chocolate drinking parts which are strictly do-it-yourself).
For some, a visit to the Rosemont Tree Farm is not just an annual outing, it's cause for a celebration.  Cheers!
"And, What's The Pricing?" 

The second most-asked question, has an equally simple answer:

"And, Where Is Rosemont?"
is the common question for those who have never been to the Rosemont Tree Farm.  

Rosemont is a village in the very scenic southwest corner of Hunterdon County, right by the Delaware River, a mile above the town of Stockton, and just a few miles upriver from Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA.  

Traveling from Sergeantsville takes you through New Jersey's only covered bridge.  A great area for exploring either before or after your tree hunt.
And, When Are You Open?
We're open the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving (that's Nov.28, 29 & 30 this year) and then Thursdays through Sundays until Christmas.  Hours are 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM.
Rosemont Tree Farm
 The tree farm crew, dressed in its Christmas finery, 
  will be ready once again to help you with the 
  harvest of that perfect tree.
We want everyone to be able to enjoy the tree farm experience, so we'll have the tree farm mobile ready (courtesy of the Hillsborough Country Club) if you can't get out to the field on your own.
The warning that candy canes are only for those who have been good this year occasionally creates a predicament, but we will gladly accept an IOU on future behavior.
131 Kingwood-Stockton Rd.
Rosemont, NJ